A Blend of Art

I visited the Noyes Art Gallery, which includes works of varying mediums from some 24 local artists. Though the gallery features pottery, sculptures, and jewelry, I specifically focused on two dimensional art.

My five selections include photography, acrylic paintings, and metal work, which involve contrasting rigid and fluid boundaries. In three paintings, the blurred boundaries are made by water’s edges or surfaces. The metal piece is wrinkled and warped to convey liquid movement across the man’s facial features and into the background. Solid boundaries can be seen in wooden structures and beams, especially in the stark infrared photograph of the naked tree, and in the heavy shade of the cigarette in the metal man’s mouth.

I considered these themes in the context of the community establishment in which I found them. I realized that, like the water in the paintings, the face of my Lincoln community is not a single entity, defined by darkened borders like the face of an individual. My community is the collection of many expressions – the rise and fall of countless interactions where sparks of creativity have escaped the solitary spaces of individual minds and merged through human communication. Alone, the sparks would die, but by contact, the movement ripples outward and influences the direction of the collective group.

Art is one primary mode of such human contact. I chose poetry as my art form and my means of communication. Through this expression, I hoped to join the river of community thought by sailing themes found in this artwork and adding to its direction.

20160402_161222 20160402_161752

This Face Has Breath

Not the clean, crystal river as mirror,

Reflecting one face, one plane


But one plain face in the torrent of many

Its consistent, collective direction displays


Though he may be a bobber unsteady,

Lost to the turbulent flow of the whole


The course had been set long before he was ready

To take that first step and breathe life on them all




Shelling, shelling, shelling

I am collecting the remnants of you


Waves curl with ocean swelling,

In mist, dispensing your deepest truth


Telling, telling, telling

Lines of contact on the cusp


Make this bound’ry your indwelling

More than merely echoes hushed


20160402_163016  20160402_161349

The River

Bare bones on which were stood

The subtleties of life endowed

In fragile, unassuming buds

Which bloomed

But now are dead


Cold stone from memory’s wood

The petrified to stasis vowed

Now hold their ground within the flood

But crack

Where many tread


Unsplit is present time

Which undulates along its spine,

A band of individual minds

Which meet and gradually blend


Untied from resting dock

Where flowers grow and branches rot

To sail on trails of merging thought

Along the riverbed

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