Lost at Sea

Author’s Note

In my Flash Fiction, Lost at Sea, water is seen both as a conduit of change, and a reliable source of direction. The jellies are content with their journey until they are tempted to move freely like the fish of the illusive depths. The jellies fall into destruction only when they carve themselves out of the pattern that is their natural existence. I chose flash fiction because it demanded that I condense my thoughts. Larger compositions could overwhelm the a reader and cloud my allegory.

Lost at Sea

Bobbing, flowing, a bloom of moon jellyfish hovers over a desolate patch in the northern Pacific. One slight, translucent island on a void without echo, dependent upon the undulations of an unpredictable master and daily fed by his hand. They neither sow nor reap nor store away provisions. Silently, the ghostly orbs drift out of orbit, passively pulled by insistent tidal motion towards sparse currents.

Aurelia aurora. On that magnetic midnight the jellies’ lanterns bob reflections of a greater island – the first traveller and first borrower. The waters obey the whispering wind and lead the lighted procession along still rays of moonlight. Sea and vessel are curled in one current, which tugs from primal stirrings unfathomed.

* * *

Darting beneath the lighted path, hidden among the shadows, a mirage flickers innocent suggestions. The light reflects from his smooth scales, refracts. Each wavering form innocently contemplates the shimmering image, independent, and unbounded by the sea. His shadowy being is one of the depths, dense and folded upon itself many times. The moon will not enter in.

Wind hushes and the surface of the water becomes as crystal. From the milky band of luminescence emerges one star, cold and bright. Decidedly, that glowing ember collapses its coronal muscle, folding inwards, sinking deep into the void. As that heavenly band coagulates like an inverted ripple, many wispy tendrils snag on to the submerged ghost. Bound to its rebellious satellite, the vast island is ensnared by association. Each frail body is consumed by immense pressure, and lost beneath many waters.