In your wide eyes,

There was no measurement:


You noted the spectrum

Each wavelength of expression

A tattoo’s location

Or a man’s feminine diction

Compassionately curious

Your memory captured connections

Not for harsh inspection

But for boundless admiration


My mind skipped as they passed

To you each stranger’s stories mattered

Just as with rhythmic patterns

That can be tapped out, mapped and imagined

Without standard

You don’t need a reason to care

But adorn tired marches of average

From observant vantage

Stacking up shredded litter

And piecing a portrait together


When the hum of the highway

Hushed every buzzing light in your eyes

The city’s own buzzing shimmered an ending

But the memory was in a way

One measureless, hopeful surprise

All tucked in the mind

And it was packaged for sending