Moonless Sky

When you confront a moonless sky

Do you consume a random smattering of points?

Or do ancient consistencies stir the support strings

Cabling your feeble being as you dizzily bear the rotation of entirety,

Quivering in your light hoodie


As megaparsec pillars crumble into soundless depths

Do you hear the dying will of a single stone

Blown into dusty extremities of cold emptiness across a canvas tattered

With the weight of 100 billion bodies dancing

Along a fine misty band of luminescence


Have you fallen back into immovable density

With your head spinning

Neck bent along the curvature of an eclipse

Seen as absence from a murky earth

Lightyears away in the blackness


With chilled eyelids open to the adjustment

Have you witnessed the atmosphere

Torn open by friction with a long forgotten remnant of fiery judgment

Desolate and wandering along an ever more committed transit

Tracked on invisible lines of attraction with our system’s master


Do you feel the directed tug of your own wanderings beyond the path

Light on crackling starlit napkins

Tossed from towering hands

Which, grasping, shatter the ancient pillars of heaven

Spilled out in trickling laughter upon your measured gasps


With involuntary tremors, do you shudder

Along the same reverberations as those distant drops in thickening waters

Sending rings of calm to rock your spinning head along the falling

Setting into place your heavy eyelids

To join the massive downward pull of burdened earth

As it rides out ripples in that moonless sky




Caleb Ziems