Caleb is an incoming first-year PhD student in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech, where he is advised by Prof. Diyi Yang. He is interested in computational social science, data mining, and natural language processing.

In his research, Caleb uses large-scale data-driven methods to understand human behavior and communication. Very recently, he collaborated with Prof. Srijan Kumar to model the spread of Anti-Asian hate and xenophobia during the COVID-19 pandemic. The data, code, and live demos can be found here. Caleb has also worked with Prof. Fred Morstatter and Prof. Ymir Vigfusson to develop more socially-informed methods of cyberbullying detection. This work received an honorable mention for best paper at ICWSM 2020.

Moving forward, he hopes to study misinformation and deception, coordinated market manipulations, as well as agenda-setting and linguistic framing, political movements, group-level conflicts, social roles, and patterns of abuse on the web.