Confession and Reconciliation in the Works of Dostoevsky

Introduction: One of the Greatest Questions of our Time In The Idiot, Fyodor Dostoevsky uses the mouth of a buffoon to phrase a question which the author himself deeply investigates in many of his greatest works: what is the motivation behind confession? Why do rational individuals voluntarily admit their own most troubling thoughts and publicly […]

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Seeing One’s Self Through the Eyes of Shame

Alone in the basement, two teens sit side-by-side on a couch, pretending they are caught up in a movie they have both already seen.  Their minds couldn’t be further from the plot, as the film was only an excuse to be near one another.  Inwardly, each obsesses over the mutual contact; the subtle pressure of […]

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Understanding the Language of Public Dialogue

Picture 138

An imposing woman stands with bare feet on dry dirt, her round cheeks gathered tight, pulling her chin upwards to meet her frown.  Her thin, graying hair is pulled back, revealing a broad forehead and deeply shadowed eyes that squint from behind teardrop glasses.  A thin, older man angles towards the woman, pressing the frame […]

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The Lathe of Heaven – Ursula Le Guin


I found this book on a list of powerful philosophical literature along with Orwell, Golding, Salinger, Huxley, Lowry, Juster, and Lewis. I respect these authors and was interested in the premise of Le Guin’s novel. She writes about a man who can change reality with his dreams! It supposedly attacks the philosophy of eugenics and does so with a […]

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Plans At This Point

At this point in time, my plans for this blog include a Song of the Week posted every Wednesday; an occasional poem; various thoughts and goals; and any pictures that I take or find interesting.  I would like to keep it open for growth, however.  I have considered limiting my published thoughts to a certain topic, but I am worried that limits would make posting seem like more of a chore than a relaxed goal.  The Song of the Week should provide the regularity that most people appreciate on blogs.  At some point, I may want to move to a more professional layout with résumés and contact information, but that doesn’t seem very fun at the moment and I am much less likely to update a stuffy site.

Overwhelmed and Excited

There are so many ways to make a WordPress site.  I fell overwhelmed, but also excited to see how this blog progresses.  Reader[s], if you have any recommendations, please comment or contact me.  I would be more than happy to hear your advice.  And please bear with me as this site grows.  Thank you!