Caleb Ziems

CODA 1124E

756 W Peachtree St

Atlanta, GA 30308

I am a third-year PhD student in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech, where I am fortunate to be advised by Prof. Diyi Yang.

My research spans Computational Social Science and Social NLP. At the highest level, my work advances two sides of the same coin, which mutually inform and support one another. On one side, I use social science and linguistic insights to help build more equitable and socially-competent language technologies [ACL 2022a; ACL 2022b; ACL 2022c]. On the other side of the coin, I leverage language technologies as tools to better understand pro-social and anti-social behaviors [ASONAM 2021; EMNLP 2021].

Previously, I spent my summers interning at Facebook AI Applied Research, USC ISI, and Stanford CSLI. I received my B.S. with a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics from Emory University.

As of 2021, I am supported by the NSF GRFP.

I’d love to hear from you! Please reach out :grinning:


May 13, 2022 Our paper Inducing Positive Perspectives with Text Reframing was awarded Outstanding Paper :trophy: at ACL 2022
Apr 11, 2022 I passed my PhD qualifying exam! 🎉
Feb 24, 2022 Three papers have been accepted to ACL 2022! See you in Dublin ☘️
Sep 10, 2021 Our work on COVID-19 racism and xenophobia was accepted to ASONAM 2021 🕸️
Aug 26, 2021 One of our papers was accepted to EMNLP 2021 and another was accepted to Findings at the same conference. Great work everyone! 🤩